Hi 👋 I'm Shinobu Hayashi a.k.a Shinyaigeek(しにゃい).
Web Developer 🕸 / Reliable Web Enthusiast 🔥
Faster, Lighter, More accessible, More secure, More productive Web for anyone, anytime , anywhere.
About Me

Hi! I am Shinyaigeek(Shinobu Hayashi).
I am working as a Web Developer.

I am attracted by the universality of the Web platform, and I am working to expand the possibilities of that. Through this work, I want to tell the possibilities of the web to people.

Under the slogan of "anywhere, anytime, anyone", in order to maximize the universality of the Web, I am working on reducing the Runtime Cost on the client machine so that applications can run even if the client machine spec is low, and reducing I/O Cost so that applications can run even if the client machine is in the poor connection, and writing the code with accessibility in mind so that anyone can access the contents, not only the blind or who have cognitive impairment but also who does not have free hand because of cooking or muscle training. To accomplish this wish, I have worked on a wide range of web development, not only web frontend but also CDN, Edge Proxy, Server-side.

My hobby is web and programming. I am make the handmade browser as a hobby, and I contribute parcel-bundler because I am in love with the parcel-bundler because parcel-bundler have the grate scalability(Transformer, Resolver, Pipeline, ...) and the great coverage of the web development(TypeScript, Vue, React, Scss, CoffeeScript...).

I am not actively looking for a job at the moment, but the message about a side work for a web dev position is welcome!!

  • 2018: Graduated from Nishiyamato highschool
  • 2018: Enter University of Tokyo
  • 2019: decide informally to major in Factory of Engineering in University of Tokyo
  • 2020: Major in Factory of Engineering in University of Tokyo
  • 2022: Graduated from University of Tokyo
Working Experience
  • Certain News media company
    Web Engineer
    2019/04 ~
    I contributed to Web frontend performance tuning, and development interactive SPA.
  • Recruit
    Web Engineer
    2020/10 ~ 2020/11
    I improve SPA's UI and investigate Web standard
  • Cybozu
    Internship Student
    I made the kintone's extension to allow kintone users to collaborate more with the other internship students.
  • Wantedly
    Web Engineer
    2020/08 ~ 2020/09
    I make Wantedly web application's new feature
    Treasure Internship Student
    I make media application with the other internship team.
    Web Engineer
    2018/10 ~ 2018/12
    I made web application from backend to frontend.

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Rust
  • Fastly
  • CloudFlare
  • Web Performance
    Web Performance
  • Browser
  • Network
  • Web Frontend Tooling
    Web Frontend Tooling

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